Every radiant project we design is built from our CAD drawings, ensuring that it is installed to precise specifications for the best possible performance. Our CAD drawings also provide a permanent technical description of the system, detailing every aspect of the installation for future reference.


CAD Drawings

Tubing Schematic

We start with the architect or engineer's computer drawings, so that the tubing schematic is drawn accurately to scale on our CAD system and is consistent with the way the building will be built. Tubing lengths are determined and adjusted in the design stage, prior to the installation, to avoid "trial and error" mistakes in the field.

We generate many different types of tubing layouts, each one appropriate to the heat-loss calcuations for a particular room. We optimize the tubing layout to distribute the radiant heat in direct proportion to the heat loss patterns in each room. This provides even heat distribution and superior comfort.

Piping Schematic

Every project's control piping is also built from CAD drawings with all pertinent valves, pumps, and zones clearly labeled along with all valve, pump, and zone schedules. Every detail of operation and service is designed in advance and fully integrated prior to fabrication. Then the control panel is built in our shop and is pressure tested for superior quality control.

Electrical Schematic

Each control system is pre-wired in our shop from CAD-generated schematics, with all control functions fully integrated. Electrical schematics provide details of pump, sensor, and zone schedules. Upon completion, the system controls are pre-programmed, and all control functions are fully tested to ensure flawless performance.

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